Fuck this is the funniest thing ever


OOOO Classy…

I think I may like this.  Or I may not.  But I’m pretty sure it’s like.


OOOO Classy…

I think I may like this.  Or I may not.  But I’m pretty sure it’s like.

I played this for a good long while when it first showed up, but decided to leave and see what it turned into later.   (Plus, seeing peoples creations destroyed made me unhappy.)

Anyway, these are descriptions of someone’s adventures playing the game.  The link above is day one.  Below is day two:

This is good stuff.

Phax has tracked down a major lag problem:

Hireling Lag. I’m talking about the client freezing, only my avatar is moving, why did time just seem to stop, lag.

I was a little dubious about how quickly I’d be able to fix this problem, after reading in the bug report “unable to repro internally”. When you don’t have the ability to reproduce a bug in your development environment, it makes it hard to figure out whats wrong. Kind of like a detective trying to figure out a murder without any forensic evidence.

Luckily, after talking with people who play with hirelings often I found that on live this issue was much more common than I realized.

So with bated breath I sent out an email to the team asking them to collect some logs for me while they played on live. (I had already spent a while attempting to reproduce it myself, without luck.)

Not a couple hours later I had a log file from one of our resident engineers in my inbox. Evidence! I was able to quickly identify the problem with these logs in hand. There was a single message (UpdateHirelingStatus) being sent to the client hundreds of times per second!

With this smoking gun, it looks like this hireling lag will be a thing of the past.


I found the above listed in MadFloyd’s list of submitted-for-QA-by-developers-and-heading-for-update-7 fixes:

The other upcoming MMORPG I’m interested in.

Last week in my The Secret World preview I mentioned that Guild Wars 2 was “Reinventing the MMORPG with the force of a plastic explosive.” Elsewhere, I said that the words on everybody’s lips at GamesCom were “Oh my God have you seen Guild Wars 2.”

Here are some lovely videos.  Check out the Human Walkthrough series in particular:

This is Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s preview of an upcoming MMO, The Secret World.

The Secret World reveal at GamesCom began with a video that rapidly confirmed a heaving mass of conspiracy theories. “Stonehenge is a portal!” flashed the text. “The Dead walk the Earth! Noah’s was not the only ark! The Merovingian bloodline is pure!” After 30 seconds of these, I was laughing. After a minute and a half, I realised Funcom’s point. In making a setting where absolutely everything is true, you immediately get a world as rich and fantastical as any fantasy setting, but one that everybody’s already familiar with.

I really want to play this.